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Not Your Average Q+A: with Erin Morrissey of @ErinLivesWhole

Tell us how you first got into your current career? 

I started ELW as a fun passion project. I always loved to cook and bake, and I had just recently began to find ways to make things healthier. By documenting them on Instagram and on a blog, people started following along and even making my recipes. Things started to take off from there and that allowed me to leave my corporate job to pursue my business full time!


Give us an example of what makes you Not Your Average Cookie?

I am the ONLY redhead in my entire family... and I swear I'm not adopted!! Also, I literally like every single food in the world except blue cheese.


We are all about simplicity. Can you tell us a life hack or tip that helps simplify your life?

Well, simplicity I'd have to say decanting all of my pantry items. Everything from granola, to nuts, to flours - it has made my pantry look so put together and organized. No messy boxes or bags. But for just one of my favorite hacks ever: putting oatmeal or yogurt into an almost totally empty peanut butter jar... there is so much goodness left over and it makes the best breakfast!


We gotta know, what’s your favorite Emmy’s product and why? 

The chocolate covered mint + the chocolate covered peanut butter. don't make me pick between the two!


What something coming up for you that you’re excited about?

Well...I haven't told anyone this yet... but I'm training for a marathon. I decided to keep it to myself for a while because I seem to always get injured whenever I start training for something, so wanted to keep it to myself until I was 100% sure. I'm only 90% sure right now... but hey! It's out there.


Erin Morrissey | Emmy's Organics

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