Products of the Past | Emmy's Organics

Products of the Past

Products of the Past | Emmy's Organics

Emmy’s Organics was founded over 10 years ago in a home kitchen in 2009. We have created many different products over the past decade, some better known than others. We’re throwing it back and going through our “products of the past” and giving you a look back at our early packaging. Plus, our Co-Founder, Samantha, will be chiming in on why these products were discontinued so you can understand a little more about how these important business decisions are made. 

If you’ve been following us from the very start, you’ll likely fondly remember these products. If you only know us by the coconut cookies you see on the shelf today, buckle up and get to know us better!

Products of the Past | Emmy's Organics Chocolate Sauce (Early 2012-Summer 2016)

This richly luscious dark chocolate sauce was heavenly when drizzled over raw fruit, ice-cream, blended into smoothies, or even enjoyed straight from the jar. It was sweet and delicious.Made with just 4 ingredients, including the super antioxidant cacao, our chocolate sauce was a delicious finish to any meal, and we miss it so.

Samantha: The chocolate sauce was amazing but not a super fast-seller. What was the most challenging was the manufacturing and shipping of the product. The glass jars were scary to ship and the product was just super heavy. In the end it really came down to logistics and it just didn’t make sense anymore.

 Super Cereal (Feb 2014-Fall 2016)

Our Super Cereal was super unique and had a base of sprouted buckwheat that was lightly sweetened with coconut sugar. Each flavor was incorporated superfoods in them like cacao nibs, coconut chips and wild blueberries.

The Super Cereal was high in fiber and it was sprouted which allows for easier digestion. It was great on its own or made an amazing topper to yogurt or oatmeal. We sure do miss Super Cereal!

Samantha: The Super Cereal was a fun product! For a long time we did the sprouting and drying of the took up to two days for it to dry so it took up space in our dryers and we didn’t have room for cookies! We eventually found another producer to do the sprouting and drying for us. The price on the shelf was a bit higher than other granolas and we didn’t have the funds to be able to put it on sale at that time. It didn’t sell super well and ordering the materials and packaging just didn’t make sense anymore. Also, in the end, we’re known for our treats and we knew that we didn’t want to be a cereal company.

Discontinued Coconut Cookie Flavors

Even though there is love for every single flavor we produce, some just don’t stand the test of time: Raspberry (Late 2015-Mid 2018).  Our Radiant flavors, Matcha and Golden Milk (2018-2019). Also, when we first started making our “Macaroons” there were 7 different flavors available! This included flavors like Chai Spice, Mint Chip and Coco Chili that you won’t find for sale today.

Samantha: Of course, it's sad to see flavors go but what we’ve learned over the years is that you need to focus on what’s working. If you have a lot of “niche” flavors, a retailer might put them on the shelf because the are different, but ultimately they are not going to sell as fast as “classic” flavors such as vanilla and chocolate. We are committed to being a brand that EVERYONE can enjoy (not just people who love niche flavors) and we want all of our flavors to be winners. Otherwise, the expense of purchasing packaging and raw materials for products that don’t sell gets to be too much for a small business. TOP SECRET: Our Seasonal Pumpkin Spice flavor is almost a replica of our Chai Spice flavor of the past...



See some of our old packaging below!

It's so crazy to see how far we’ve come!

We hope that you enjoyed our walk through time looking at flavors and products of the past! If you ever have any suggestions or questions you are welcome to comment below or send us a DM on instagram! Also, there is yet ANOTHER change in our packaging coming in 2020 that we can’t wait to show you guys! Stay tuned!

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