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3 Tips for a Healthier Halloween

Halloween is a day of dress up, mischief, imagination, and of course TREATS! Don’t let all of the processed sugar and artificial flavors get in your way. At Emmy’s, we fully believe that gluten-free, vegan and organic can be just as delicious and decadent. But don’t hold yourself back entirely! Just remember, Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. We’re presenting 3 tricks to a healthier (but no less fun) Halloween.


Halloween shouldn’t be a holiday of food fears! Be sure to enjoy some candy if that’s your thing, but remember that you have healthier options at home. Stocking your pantry with our Chocolate Covered Coconut Cookie Bites is a surefire way to get your chocolate fix without stressing over ingredients. You can pronounce all of the ingredients in our Bites, which is more than you can say about other coconut confectionaries. Don’t want to eat any candy that night? Pop a bag or two in your jack-o-lantern to snack on all night. You’ll feel just as satisfied, but without the crazy sugar crash.

DIY Halloween Hack: Cookie Spiders

It’s no secret that Halloween candy is high in sugar, fat and calories and provides little nutritional value. If you’re looking for a creative treat for your friends or little ones to enjoy that is nutritional and free from refined sugars and chemicals, we have the perfect easy recipe for you! 

One of the quickest and least messy Halloween creations we have seen to date are @laurenlashway’s No Bake Spider Snacks! All you need are 2 6oz bags of Emmy’s Classic Coconut Cookies in your flavor of choice, a bag of pretzels, and “eyes” (find these at the craft store or improvise with some dried currants!). First, take a pretzel twist and break it into equal-sized pieces for the legs. Then lightly push these “legs” into the top of an Emmy’s Coconut Cookie, about 6 legs should fit in total. Add on the eyes and voila! The perfect guilt-free Halloween treat. Serve with banana “ghosts” and some warm apple cider, yum!

3 Tips for a Healthier Halloween | Emmy's Organics

Spread the #CleanCookie Love

If you’re looking for a healthier treat to pass out to the ghosts and goblins in your neighborhood, look no further than our individually wrapped Coconut Cookies. Each box contains 24 delicious, clean cookies! These cookies are sure to delight both parents and children alike with amazing, indulgent flavor! 

3 Tips for a Healthier Halloween | Emmy's Organics

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