No Bake Raspberry "Cheesecakes"

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No Bake Raspberry "Cheesecakes" by  @chens_plate


  1. Soak cashews. I did mine overnight! Throw them in a bowl with some water and soak until they’re soft. This is important so you have a nice smooth mixture.
  2. Add all ingredients (except the cookies) into a blender and blend until totally smooth.
  3. Using a rubber muffin tin (or a lined regular muffin tin) press one or two cookies into the bottom of four of the muffins. You can use your fingers to press them in tightly and ensure it’s one flat bottom.
  4. Pour the cashew raspberry mixture on top of each cookie bottom until it’s all covered. I poured enough to fill until the top.
  5. Optional: press two raspberries into the top of each one and freeze overnight. Carefully remove and enjoy!

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