Citrus Cacao Brownie Pops

Citrus Cacao Brownie Pops

Citrus Cacao Brownie Pops by @danishealthyeats

Serves: 8

Time: 15 min + freezer time



Emmy's Organics Dark Cacao Cacao Cookies

1 Orange

Chocolate bar of choice (i used a stevia-sweetened version)

Sea salt & cacao nibs for topping (optional)



1. Place the bag of Emmy’s cookies in a food processor.

2. Zest one medium orange and add that to the cookie mixture, as well as 1-2 tbsp of orange juice. I tasted as I went, so feel free to adjust to your liking.

3. Process until a crumbly dough forms (Careful not to over-process or things get sticky!)

4. Take a little dough & form it into a square (or a circle, your choice!) Continue until all dough has been shaped. At this point, if you are using the sticks, go ahead and gently insert them into each square.

5. Place the squares in the freezer to firm for 15 or so minutes.

6. Melt your chocolate of choice with 2 tsp of coconut oil & an optional1 tbsp of orange juice, until completely smooth.

7. Remove the squares from the freezer & dip each one in the chocolate mixture. You an top with cacao nibs, extra zest, or more chocolate drizzle to make things pretty.

8. Place back in the freezer until chocolate has hardened.

9. I store these in the fridge after the chocolate has originally set, for the perfect texture!


Citrus Cacao Brownie Pops | Emmy's Organics

Citrus Cacao Brownie Pops | Emmy's Organics

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