Cacao Cookie Mini Donuts

Cacao Cookie Mini Donuts by @danishealthyeats

Serves: 12 mini donuts

Time: 5 minutes plus decorating time



For the donuts:

9 Emmy’s Organics Dark Cacao Coconut Cookie


Toppings (Whatever you desire!)

I used:

Hemp seeds

Chocolate Ganache

Melted peanut butter

Coconut Chips

Cacao nibs





1. Break the Emmy’s cookies apart and press them into the donut tray/mold. Once all donut holes are filled with the cookies, place the pan in the freezer to firm up.

2. Once firm, remove the tray from the freezer and pop each donut out of the mold.

3. To make the chocolate ganache, I melted one chocolate bar with about 1/4 cup canned coconut milk and stirred until it is smooth/thickens.

4. Decorate as desired!


Cacao Cookie Mini Donuts | Emmy's Organics

Cacao Cookie Mini Donuts | Emmy's Organics

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