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Our Practices


At Emmy’s Organics, we are committed to taking care of our bodies as well as the planet. When you purchase our products, not only are you supporting organic & non-gmo farming, but you are also supporting a sustainable business that makes as little of an environmental impact as possible.

Below are some of the practices we take on at our kitchen, office and home.

- Recycle all bottles, cans, aluminum and paper.
- Compost all of our food scraps.
- Use hand towels instead of paper towels.
- Eco-friendly cleaning fluids.
- Refill our soap at the local coop in a 1 gallon container.
- Use compostable & recycled materials for our packaging.
- 100% recycled paper in our office printer.
- Re-use our bulk ingredient paper bags as packing material for large orders.
- Re-use agave & coconut oil buckets as compost bins, tomato planters or feed containers.
- Re-useable cups for water (no water cooler cups!).
- Buy pre-owned tables, equipment and furniture.
- Re-use plastic containers and jars.
- We’re part of a year round CSA where we bring our own shopping bags and get our vegetables from a local farm once a week.
- Bring a re-useable shopping bag to the grocery store to avoid using a new plastic bag.
- Buy second-hand clothes and donate our old stuff.
- Walk, run & ride bikes to get where we’re going.
- Donate old electronics or bring them to an appropriate collection center.

We are constantly searching for new ways to lessen our environmental impact & reduce the carbon footprint. Please email us if you have any suggestions or techniques you’ve found to make a difference. This is an ever-evolving list.