Go Gluten-Free!

Emmy’s Organics, Inc. is a CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE company. We take this very seriously, especially because one of the owners, Ian, has been gluten free for over 15 years! We are extremely careful when selecting our ingredients and suppliers. In our own facility, we do not allow gluten in the production areas so there is no cross-contamination. We test all of our products down to 5 parts per million of gluten, which is the highest industry standard. Here’s what else we’ve got to say about it:

Gluten has become something that people have to pay attention to these days. You may have friends or relatives that have been switching to a gluten-free diet, but why? Gluten allergies (and celiac disease) are serious. They cause major disruption in your guts, can prevent your body from properly absorbing the food you are eating and can cause symptoms such as chronic fatigue, neurological disorders, nausea, skin rashes, depression, nutrient deficiencies, anemia and more. Before the gluten-allergy became as well known as it is today, people thought that these symptoms were normal, that everyone has major bloating after they eat or severe fatigue when they wake up. More and more people are realizing their sensitivities to gluten because (and this is our theory) their bodies have become used to eating so much processed food. The amount of processed food that is consumed by our country is scary. What this does is it makes our bodies forget how to process food on their own so they begin to develop intolerances and disease. Wonder if you have a gluten sensitivity but dont know it? Try going gluten-free for a week and see how you feel. Many people feel lighter and more focused. Which makes sense, have you SEEN gluten? Its a little gross and taking that out of anyone’s intestines is bound to feel good. Here are a few resources:
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