Brand Ambassador Process & Protocol

  • Familiarize yourself with Emmy’s brand and products: you can find Emmy’s story here. It’s important for you to know who we are so that you can help others get to know us! A full list of our products is found on our products page. You can also follow us (and encourage customers to, too!) on instagram @emmysorganics.
  • Schedule demo(s) with Demo Coordinator/Store Manager: do this at  least two weeks in advance. It works best to schedule multiple demos at once so you don’t have to make repeat calls to the same store. Make sure to schedule demos during high traffic times in the store, generally weekend days and weeknights. It doesn’t hurt to ask the Demo Coordinator what times they recommend! Do not schedule demos during regional events that would take customers out of the store (e. a college football game, a local fair or festival).
  • Submit your schedule and a sample request: Your sample request should reflect what the store already carries – no sense in offering samples for something the store doesn’t have. Your schedule should be turned in ASAP so Emmy's can plan accordingly. 
  • Call store Buyer one week before demo to stock up: make sure to ask for 4 boxes of each SKU (i.e. flavor) for your demo. You will only be able to reach your bonus if the store has a minimum of four boxes! So this is really important for you and for us. We will let you know when Emmy's will be on promotion with the stores in your region, which will give you leverage when asking the store buyer to purchase extra inventory. 
  • Call store buyer or dept. employee the day before your demo, if there are less than four full boxes of each flavors you will be demoing, demo will need to be rescheduled. Use this call to reschedule and put in a restock order with the buyer. Make sure to update your manager in the event that this happens. 
  • Presentation: its the first thing people notice. Please follow our presentation instructions exactly. If we send you a pin and/or hat, you must wear that with a black T-shirt (no text or logos, please). 
  • Arrive at demo location 1/2 hour prior to start of demo for check in and set up. Most stores will have you check in at the customer service desk, this would be a good question to ask when you are scheduling your demos.
  • Count store inventory on shelf prior to starting demo, set up demo and take photo of setup. Experiment with location of setup if you are able, although most stores will require you to set up in the same location every time. It is okay and encouraged for you to take some Emmy’s goods off of the store shelves for your demo, that way you can hand it directly to interested customers.
  • Count store inventory at end of demo, clean up and sign out at customer service (if required). Submit your Demo Report as soon as you are finished with your demo.   


Demo Sales Tips & Tricks

  • Get on good terms with the store Buyer/Demo Coordinator/etc. Like any good business, you and the store you are demoing in will need to have a mutually positive relationship in order to be successful. Making sure that the coordinator has you scheduled for peak times and that the buyer is stocking inventory prior to your demos is essential. Also keep in mind that stocking inventory is not just for your demo, but also for after the demo – we want customers to come back and buy more!
  • On that note, get on good terms with all store employees. We don’t expect you to know everyone by name, but if you can get at least a few employees to taste what you are demoing, then employees will be able to recommend Emmy’s to customers even when you are not there.
  • Customer service is paramount: be friendly, inviting and knowledgeable. Reel customers in by speaking directly to them, don’t wait for someone to stop and talk to you first! Smile, make eye contact and be able to give a personal testimony to Emmy’s products. Customers will learn everything about Emmy’s from you: if you are excited, they are much more likely to become excited! If you are bored, they will be too. It helps if you can attract more than one customer at once: customer interest breeds more customer interest. This is key for you to meet your sales quota and receive your bonus. 
  • Scheduling: only schedule demos for weeknights before dinnertime, or during the weekend day. Ask your contact at the store what times would be best.
  • Be intentional with your set up: if the store will allow, experiment with location. Try to find a spot that will allow you to interact with every customer in the store. Make sure you have memorized exactly where Emmy’s products can be found if you are stationed far away from them (i.e. you set up by the entry way of the store). You should also have bags of Emmy’s on hand so that customers can get them directly from you.


Product Attributes

  • USDA Organic Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Allergen Sensitive: Emmy’s is free from grains, gluten, soy and is certified Kosher “without compromising flavor!”
  • Made with coconut oil, which is a good fat: “your body uses this as energy, instead of storing it as fat”
  • Certified B Corp. This means that Emmy’s meets “rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency”. You can describe this as begin similar to what a Fair Trade certification is to coffee – essentially that Emmy’s treats their employees, their community and the environment extremely well.