An Anti-Racist Company


Emmy's Organics Anti-Racism Committee
On Monday, June 8th 2020 we formed Emmy’s Organics Anti-Racism Committee. It is our intention through this committee that we investigate and change internal racism each of us as an individual has. We will then use that knowledge to help us create a more inclusive work environment, with the ultimate goal of affecting change within our industry. We plan to look closely at our hiring practices, benefits, and general company culture to identify areas that may be generally inclusive to “people of all walks” but may not be specifically inclusive to Black people. We will also create parameters for who we work with (influencers, other brands, services, etc.) to specifically include and show Black people as a part of our greater community. We are using the “15% pledge” to guide our parameters below, however it is our goal to have greater than 15% Black representation within our partners, imagery, and company. 


We have identified five pillars of our anti-racism objective:

1. Money

  • We commit to at least 15% of charitable donations going to Black people, Black owned companies and events, or non-profits serving Black people and communities.
  • We will create a budget line for race education and anti-racism training for our staff

2. Education

  • We are centering our book club currently on learning about white supremacy and how to become better allies (our book club is 100% white)
  • We will incorporate Black authors of various genres into our book club (not just focusing on race related reading topics.
  • We will include learning and education on race and racism in our 2021 budget.
  • We will have required learning for all employees (first round will be assigned in the coming weeks, and we will implement new hire training material TBD by this committee)

3. Visibility

  • We commit to Black influencers making up at least 15% of our paid influencer pool.
  • We commit to showing at least 15% BIPOC bodies and hands in our imagery and marketing materials.
  • We will research how to better advertise jobs at Emmy’s to BIPOC and put a diversity goal in place year over year.

4. Inclusivity

  • We will actively seek out resources to help us better understand how to be a more inclusive work force and work to ensure that our hiring practices, training, evaluation process and general company culture are not promoting bias or racism.

5. Accountability

  • We know that to be anti racist is continuous work and involves learning from our mistakes. We will not shy away from having difficult conversations or risking discomfort in this effort. We will take time to reflect on mistakes and work together to problem solve and improve our processes.


We see this document as a work in progress and will be regularly updating this statement as we continue to learn as individuals and as a company.


Published 6.23.2020