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Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program Sponsorship

Posted by Ian Gaffney on

Ever since we started our business, I have dreamed of a time that we can contribute to organizations that I believe in. We were approached last month by a lovely local Ithaca lady, Megan Begert. She runs an amazing program here in Ithaca called The Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Snack Program (FFVSP), which provides a fruit and vegetable snack grown at local farms in our area. The program has been very successful in one elementary school. There has been a lot of demand to take the program to a new school and we are helping to make it happen! We are now one of the sponsors for the program and we could not be more thrilled. We are big time believers in healthy school food and sharing locally grown food with our community’s kids!

To donate to the FFVSP’s current indiegogo campaign please go here:


and check out their video!





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