Goodbye 707: The Before and After

Posted by Ian Gaffney on

Wow wow! So much has been going on. We are in our new space. The move was so much easier than I thought it would be and we had so much support. We have been working really hard and everyone that comes by is amazed that we are up and running so fast. I totally credit Ian for his drive. He just amazes me and he can make anything happen! After some searching I finally found this video that I made when we first moved in to our old kitchen space in February 2009. I almost started crying when I saw it..we had so much less stuff and I was so excited! I took another video of the old space before we moved out last week and the change is amazing. What a cool way to acknowledge all of the progress that we've made! Please watch both is way inspiring. Also, my commentary on the older one is really funny...I am so happy that Ian's dad, Bill, still had this around!

Now, how we left it. . .

So much love,


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