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This marks the beginning of history. Well, our history at least. Emmy's Organics is a small (literally two person) company that makes and is devoted to spreading the love of gluten-free, vegan and raw foods. It is owned and operated by us, Ian, 26 and Samantha, 22. We met last summer at a music festival and realized that we were both passionate about raw foods (amongst other things...). And, it just so happened that Ian was ready for a career change and Samantha had just graduated college. Kind of perfect. We live in Ithaca, NY where we get to eat great food, see a lot of music, spend time outside and be good to the environment.

Anyway, so we decided to start Emmy's Organics. We started making a macaroon recipe in Ian's mother's house (whom we named the company after...it's her nickname). We had two dehydrators that we kept in Ian's room. We started packaging the macaroons up and selling them to our local food co-op and other local stores. They caught on pretty quick and more and more stores were interested. So we kept on moving. We bought more dehydrators and more bulk ingredients. Meanwhile, we were sharing the kitchen with Ian's mom and her boyfriend, Timmy and things were getting pretty tight.

So fast forward a few months. We now have our very own commercial kitchen in downtown Ithaca. It is certified vegan and such an amazing space to work. We basically live there, that's how cool it is. We now sell our product to over a dozen stores in Ithaca, three further upstate and four in New York City. It has been amazing to see how well this has progressed in such a small amount of time (we started in January 2009). It has also been extremely rewarding, inspiring and a ton of fun. So here we are, inviting you all to take the ride with us. We promise fun photos and videos to come. Bye. 

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