Why Raw?: Because not having an oven is awesome.
Eating raw food is probably one of the best things that you can do for your body. Putting uncooked (un-killed) food into your body will give you more LIFE! By not cooking your food you are maintaining the enzymes and healthy oils that naturally reside in it. The traditional raw food diet consists of uncooked (never heated above 115 degrees) vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Many people who go 100% raw for the first time feel positive physical and emotional effects due to the detox effect the diet has on your system. You literally glow from the inside out! Though we love the 100% raw food diet and take it on as much as possible, we also believe in a combination diet. For example, eating raw food for breakfast and lunch and then adding a few cooked items to your dinner. This also works best if you are trying to incorporate many local foods too! By adding raw food or replacing some foods in your diet with raw foods (especially raw greens!), you will feel a shift in your energy and mental clarity. The other health benefits that people on raw food diets have seen are: weight loss, more energy, detoxification, boost in immune system, better sex drive, more smiling/positive thoughts and even curing terminal disease. If you are interested in changing your diet and trying something new, here are some of our favorite raw food resources:
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