Q: Doesn’t coconut and coconut oil make you fat?
A: No! Coconut is actually known as an “athlete’s fat" because of it’s fatty acid chain length. Coconut is composed of medium chain fatty acids which work with the body and are immediately converted to energy after consumption. Many years ago, coconut started getting bad press because on the nutrition label, it says that its saturated fat content is high. This is true, but it is the way that this saturated fat is comprised that makes it such a special and healthy fat. In fact, these medium chain fatty acids have been known to protect against heart disease. If you would like to read more about coconut please go here.

Q: Are your products gluten-free?
A: Yes! We do not use any ingredients that contain gluten or wheat. Our manufacturing facility is free of gluten and we are the only company occupying the space. We can control what we bring into our prep areas. Gluten and wheat are not allowed!! We have plans to do gluten-free lab testing on our products when we have the finances to do it. Stay tuned!

Q: What’s the deal with Agave nectar?
A: There has been a lot of bad press about agave nectar recently. There are a lot of agave companies that process their syrup with corn syrup to cut costs. Also, when agave nectar is heated at high temperatures, it can change its composition and therefore its place on the glycemic index. This is not the agave nectar we use! We use a low-temp agave nectar from a reliable company. The agave that we buy is processed below 115 degrees, which maintains all of the benefits that agave has to offer. We have never been to Mexico to see this process happen, but we have been assured this syrup has integrity. For more information about agave from our supplier, check out their blog.

Q: What is vegan?
A: Vegan means made without the use of any animal or animal bi-product. We use 100% plant based ingredients. For more information about the vegan diet and movement click here.



Q: How long will my macaroons and cereal stay fresh?
A: Because our macaroons and granola are dehydrated & made with all plant based ingredients, they will stay edible for a very long time. The macaroons have a nine month shelf life and the cereal has a six month shelf life. The Chocolate Sauce has a one year shelf life. Enjoy!

Q: Does my chocolate sauce need to be in the refrigerator?
A: No! Even after opening the chocolate sauce, it does not need to be stored in the refrigerator. It is best at a room temperature, dry environment. If you feel like your storage area might be damp, it may be best to stick it in the fridge. For a more fudgy and thick consistency, the refrigerator is the way to go. The chocolate sauce has a shelf life of 1 year.

Q: What if the macaroons seem too hard?
A: The macaroons will only be too hard if they are too cold. Simply keep them at room temperature and they should be perfect.


Q: How can I get Emmy’s Organics products in my local coop/grocery?
A: We would be honored! The best thing to do is ask – talk to your grocery manager and mention us to them! We love how grocery people love their customers! A very powerful way to do this is to print the pdf file provided on our Wholesale Page and bring it to the manager. Then they will be set up with all of the info and phone numbers to contact us. Thank you! It is because of you, our community, that we have success.

Q: Can I create a special order?
A: Yes! If there is something not listed on the website that you are interested in purchasing, please email order@emmysorganics.com for more information. Thanks!